Transforming Green Growth

A climate tech summit to accelerate supply chains sustainability
New Delhi, India | June 27th, 2023


Sustainable transition in Indian manufacturing refers to the shift towards environmentally and socially responsible practices in the production of goods. This includes reducing waste and emissions, conserving resources, and improving working conditions for employees. The Indian government has also introduced policies and schemes to support sustainable manufacturing practices, such as the National Mission on Transformative Mobility and Battery Storage, and the National Clean Energy Fund. The adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies, such as IoT and AI, is also playing a key role in enabling a more sustainable manufacturing ecosystem in India. The ever- evolving scenario still leaves an opportunity in terms of widespread adoption of sustainable practices and reducing the industry’s impact on the environment.

Parivartan (Sanskrit: to bring transformation) is a one-day event, being organized by the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) and Centre for Global Affairs and Public Policy (GCAPP), on the world MSME1 day- June 27th, 2023 in New Delhi, India. Bringing together the stalwarts of global business, academia, innovation and finance industry, the event aims to facilitate the action towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions in the Indian MSMEs and large businesses alike within the interdisciplinary themes of climate finance, clean technology, and sustainable practices. The event would also look at the aforementioned themes through the lens of (gender) equity to lead holistic action towards an equitable net-zero transition.

Event Participants and Audience

The event would have participation from, but not limited to the following:

  • Large companies, having MSMEs as their supply chains
  • Industrial associations, MSME owners and managers
  • Financial institutions, investors and funders
  • Clean technology start-ups
  • Research think-tanks and academia
  • ESG specialists
  • Government bodies

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